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Helping You and Your Business Grow

At MilBen Accounts, helping you grow as a business is our top priority. We’re more than just coventry accountants.

Instead of just providing a service, we package our value as a collaboration with you to get the most out of your time, developing a space to thrive, and helping you exceed your goals. As part of our excellence-driven values, we make use of the latest technology, ensuring record keeping and compliance in the easiest way possible.

As accountants in Coventry, we are focused on stimulating businesses and individuals by streamlining their financial processes and business operations. In addition, we’ve strategically partnered with Financial Advisors, who provide expert advice on PensionsMortgages and Protection Insurance. This means that if you require Financial Advice along with our accounting services in Coventry, you can get all the needed support under our roof.

Our Relationship-Building Approach

Instead of waiting for things to go wrong, we like staying in the loop with our clients. This means that we are there to advise when you need us the most: before making a decision.

In short, we like to work collaboratively with our clients, seeing ourselves as ongoing business partners rather than just someone you speak to when the Year-End Tax deadline comes along.

These principles of relationship-building have been key to our success, enabling us to share our knowledge and experience, and even the contacts that we have developed along the way. So, you’ll not be just signing up with MilBen Accounts; you’ll have access to our wider network, helping you succeed even further.

We Cater for Continuous Growth

Self-Employed, Contractor and SMEs

We are here to make your professional lives easier.

As part of our partnership, you will have easy 24/7 access to our online applications. We have spent extra effort into simplifying these online tools, enabling you to remain in charge of your progress.

In addition, our pricing structure is simple and straightforward, based on fixed fees with optional additions that fit the state of your business. Put simply, we have designed our pricing structure to fit your needs, with no hidden charges.

Get in touch to discuss your business and accounting needs.

How We Operate

Software Integrations for Easier Accounting

Since the conception of MilBen Accounts, we have adhered to the HMRC’s Making Tax Digital Initiative. That is why, we have successfully implemented software integration across all forms of accounting, making access and delivery to financial information effective.

In fact, we have gotten so well with accounting software that we now train other Coventry accountants to be able to do the same. Here are a couple of examples of the software that we use:


Ideal for growing businesses and enabling informed decision-making, Xero is the market leader in digital accounting. Therefore, at MilBen Accounts, we extensively use Xero for our accounting services in Coventry.

Xero comes with the following features:

  • 24/7 access for users;
  • automatic import of bank transactions;
  • integrations with many other apps and online software, (e.g. Zapier, Receipt-bank, Stripe, Gocardless);
  • user friendliness;
  • customisable emailing; and
  • automatic payment reminders


Perfect for freelancers and contractors who have relatively simple businesses with small numbers of transactions, FreeAgent is a reliable accountancy package owned by the Natwest/RBS Group.

Freeagent has the following features:

  • Built in IR35 Calculations for contractors deemed as employees;
  • Automatic tax estimator built in to give a updated balance of what’s likely to be due;
  • Tax timeline with common payment deadlines;
  • Bank imports; and
  • Invoicing

Receipt Bank / Auto Entry

Aimed at simplifying your day to day accounting needs, Receipt Bank and Auto Entry are two software packages we use to help manage receipts, giving you the tools to get them in to your accounting software as smoothly as possible

Receipt bank / Auto Entry have the following features:

  • Photo receipts on the go;
  • Receipt processing from email;
  • Direct import from large suppliers online accounts; and
  • Managing employee expense claims effectively.

What Happens Next

Our Customisable, Digital Solutions

We will book a chat over Zoom to make sure that we are an ideal fit for each other.

During the call, we will demonstrate how we work, what software and integrations will be included for your business, and what new processes will we add to your accounting needs, as we learn more about your business. Also, you’ll get to ask any questions you may have.

As we mentioned earlier, our services are highly customizable. This means that you will only pay for what your business needs. In fact, we have streamlined the process so well that you’ll know during the meeting what you’ll be paying for our services.

Our contract can all be signed quick and easily online, with no printing necessary!

We, Surely, Make Your Professional Life Easier

If You’re a New Business?

We’ll handle the setup and registration. All you’ll have to do is forward any HMRC letters to us and we’ll take care of the rest.

If Any of our Software is New to You?

We’ll run through everything and help you understand your numbers and where to find the information you’re interested in.

If You’re Moving from Another Coventry Accountant

The handover process is simple. We’ll set everything up and get all the information needed directly from your previous accountants.

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