Small Business Growth: How to Plan and Manage for Success

Growth is a tricky thing. It can both be exciting and intimidating to think about expanding your company. But if you want it to happen you need to be proactive and plan. The following points will help you to plan for success.

Set and Map Your Goals

It’s hard to grow your small business when you’re not sure what you want it to be. While we hear “goals this” and “goals that” are all around us, we can feel lost and overwhelmed. The key is setting realistic yet aspirational goals that define what you want before setting out on your journey to achieve it.

Define and Track KPIs

Decide which metrics are most important to your industry and business model. keeping a close eye on these numbers not only helps you to measure your success, but also to identify potential problems before they do any real damage to your growing business. Make sure your xero book-keeping is upto date and you are making decisions from the best available information.

Consider Cash Flow

Cash is king! Growing your business means increasing your costs. You can avoid potential issues by planning ahead with cashflow projections to ensure that you’ll always have enough cash to continue trading.

Financing Options

Expanding your business can be a challenging process with significant costs. The good news is there are a variety of business financing options available but it’s important to choose the right one for you. Loans, credit cards and leasing are all viable options, but each have different advantages and disadvantages to consider.


Scaling up your small business is dependant on may factors. It’s easy to get caught up in the momentum of wanting to build quicker than possible. With careful planning in the right areas your business will grow at a steady and sustainable rate ensuring the long term growth you planned for. If you need help let us know, you can chat to one of our coventry accountants or we can connect you with the appropriate professional to help.