Value Added Tax (VAT) is calculated by adding a percentage to your sales and taking a percentage from your expenses – the difference due to or from HMRC. VAT becomes a legal requirement when your turnover is above £85,000.

We will recommend the most appropriate VAT scheme for your company, manage the application, registration and de-registration processes. Whether on the accrual or cash VAT scheme; or the flat rate scheme, we will manage the VAT return process on your behalf. We will complete a full audit of the transactions within the VAT period, ensuring all VAT is recorded correctly and that you have supporting documentation. We will liaise with HMRC on your behalf with regards to VAT.

The Process

Step 1

We’ll send you a reminder for your bookkeeping records

Step 2

We’ll complete a review of your bookkeeping records ensuring VAT has been treated correctly, checked over by our accountants

Step 3

We’ll guide you through the tax return and submit to HMRC

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